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What It Is

Minnie Mouse fans can listen to music with Minnie thanks to the Disney iHome Minnie Mouse Rechargeable Speaker. This four-inch speaker runs on a rechargeable battery that you charge via the included USB cord. The speaker also comes with a cord that plugs into an audio source, such as a mobile phone, a PC, an iPod, a laptop, an MP3/MP4 player, or a portable gaming device. When you're ready to listen to music, press play on your audio device, adjust its volume, and the music will play from the Minnie Mouse speaker.

Is It Fun?

This makes a great desktop item for any Minnie Mouse fan. Despite this speaker's small size, the music quality is great. And when kids are not listening to music, they can keep Minnie out on display as a cool piece of room décor.

Who It’s For

The Disney iHome Minnie Mouse Rechargeable Speaker is for ages 9 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional character speakers are available and sold separately.