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  • Fact or Crap from Spin Master
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What It Is

Fact or Crap is a fast-paced trivia game where players must guess whether a statement is fact or crap. Each player receives eight tokens, one Fact answer card, and one Crap answer card. One player picks up a question card and reads out the first statement. The other players decide as fast as they can if it is fact or crap by placing either their Fact or Crap card facedown on the table. If you were the first player to put your card down and you got it right, you get two tokens. But if you were the first player to put down your card and you got it wrong, you lose two tokens. The other players reveal their answers and receive one token if they were correct or lose one token if they were incorrect. Once all three questions on the card have been read, it's another player's turn to pick a question card and read the statements.

When a card reader picks up a Rush Hour card, they choose one player to play the Rush Hour Round. That player only has 30 seconds to answer all five questions on the card. The card reader turns over the timer and begins reading the questions. If the player calls out a correct answer, he gets a token. If the answer is incorrect, the card reader gets a token.

There are two ways to win. If all tokens are gone from the draw pile, count your tokens and the player with the most is the winner. When a player loses all of his tokens, he is out of the game. So, the second way to win is to be the only player left with tokens.

Fact or Crap comes with 180 question cards, 45 Rush Hour cards, 16 answer cards, 200 tokens, a player guide, and a 30-second sand timer. The game is for three to eight players.

Is It Fun?

This is a fun and fast-paced trivia game that really tests just how much you know. You don't have to be a trivia whiz to play this game. Part of the fun is learning that sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

Who It’s For

Fact or Crap is for ages 12 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Spin Master also makes a Fact or Crap Card Game and a Hollywood edition of the game. Each is sold separately.

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