Matchbox Power Scouts

from Mattel


  • Matchbox Elite Rescue Turbo Canoe
  • Matchbox Mission: Marine Rescue Shark Ship
  • Matchbox Wrecky the Wrecking Buddy
  • Matchbox Big Boots Star Shuttle
  • Matchbox On a Mission: Crime Squad
  • Matchbox On A Mission Mission: Croc Escape
  • Matchbox Dino Breakout
  • Matchbox Big Boots Arctic Yeti Catcher
  • Matchbox Big Boots Arctic Command Base
  • Matchbox Big Boots Bootsburg Crime Defenders


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

The smallest of hands can get rough and rugged with this age-appropriate line of adventurous 4x4s and playsets. The vehicles can go from hand-powered mode to battery-powered all-wheel-drive mode with the simple touch of a button. The rugged beasts have super grip tires that help them tackle even the toughest of terrain.