Make a Sound Animals

from Manhattan Toy

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Product Information

  • Make a Sound Animals published by Manhattan Toy
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 1 and up

What It Is

Make a Sound Animals is a wooden book for the youngest of learners. The book is designed to help children practice the pairing of animals to their animal sound. Each page in the 10-page book features a painting of an animal, the name of the animal, and the sound it makes. Kids are encouraged to also make the sound that animal makes. For example, on the page with the slithery snake, kids can make a "ssssss" sound.

Is It Fun?

We really like the style of the images and the wooden pages of this book. They give it a nostalgic feel. The whimsical illustrations will certainly engage young children.

Who It’s For

Make a Sound Animals is for ages 12 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Manhattan Toy produces several other wooden books, including Rainbow Zoo Friends and Count & Play Puppies. Each is sold separately.


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