My Turtle and Me

from Cartwheel Books

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Product Information

  • My Turtle and Me published by Cartwheel Books
  • Written by: Owen Bernstein
  • Illustrated by: Carol Thompson
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 0 and up

What It Is

My Turtle and Me, by Owen Bernstein and illustrated by Carol Thompson, is an interactive light-up book that is perfect for bedtime. It is inspired by Cloud B's Twilight Turtle toy that projects constellations from its plastic shell to soothe children to sleep. The book's story follows a young boy and his turtle as they spend the day together, from playing in a sandbox and helping clean up to bedtime. A clickable turtle-shaped nightlight is visible on every page of the book, so that children can press it to watch the turtle light up as the story is read aloud to them.

Is It Fun?

The book's integrated nightlight makes this a great hands-on story for kids who own a Twilight Turtle and who are afraid of the dark, helping them see that there's nothing to fear at bedtime as long as their turtle is near. But even if your family doesn't own a Twilight Turtle, this is still a cute story with beautiful illustrations and an engaging nightlight feature.

Who It’s For

My Turtle and Me is for ages birth–3.

What To Be Aware Of

We're not sure what powers the light in the plastic turtle shell, but there is no accessible battery or light compartment, and therefore, no way to replace batteries or a bulb if the light goes out.


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