Safety 1st Cubikals Stack n Play 12-Block Set

from Tollytots

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Product Information

  • Safety 1st Cubikals Stack n Play 12-Block Set from Tollytots
  • Part of the Safety 1st brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 6 months and up

What It Is

Cubikals may look like regular blocks, but each block has three sides cut out with either a character figure, a letter, or another object in the middle of the cube. Most of the figures, letters, and objects can spin around but are non-removable. The top side of each Cubikal features a sticker while the bottom side has a textured surface.

The Stack 'n Play 12-Block Set comes with 12 different Cubikals. Kids can stack the Cubikals as they would regular blocks, but the addition of the objects in the middle of the Cubikals encourages kids to engage in roleplay, sorting, and recognition of animals, numbers, letters, and shapes. The chunky size of each Cubikal makes it easy for small hands to grasp. There are three different 12-Block Sets, each sold separately.

Is It Fun?

The Safety 1st Cubikals are very cute and the bright colors and moving objects will keep children engaged as they play. Stacking the Cubikals is designed to help children develop fine motor skills while the textures on each block offer some tactile play.

In order for a child to engage in sorting and object recognition, it's helpful if parents play along to initiate that kind of play by showing how to sort (by color, by object) and saying aloud the color names and the names of the objects in the middle of the Cubikals.

Who It’s For

The Safety 1st Cubikals Stack 'n Play 12-Block Set is for ages 6 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Also available are eight different Stack 'n Play 3-Block Sets and five different Stack 'n Play 6-Block Sets. Each is sold separately.

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