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  • OptiPets and OptiNoses from OptiSource
  • We recommend this product for ages 0 and up

What It Is

OptiPets and OptiNoses are character-themed eyeglasses holders. OptiPets come in a variety of different animals, including fish, frogs, dogs, kitties, puppies, and jungle animals. Each is sold separately and retails for about $10. There are also dog breed OptiPets that retail individually for about $19.99.

OptiNoses are available in sports themes, including golf, football, and baseball. Each is sold separately and retails for about $7.99.

Both OptiPets and OptiNoses are a fun way for kids and adults who wear glasses to easily store their glasses when they're not wearing them.

Is It Fun?

If you or your child has trouble remembering where you put your glasses, OptiPets and OptiNoses are a handy item that gives you a set place to keep your glasses. Kids will like seeing the animals "wear" the glasses. With OptiNoses, older kids and adults can choose a design that best expresses who they are.

Who It’s For

OptiPets are for people of all ages who wear glasses.

What To Be Aware Of

OptiPets and OptiNoses are available at your eye doctor's office or at www.1-800-optisource.com. Because the website is a supply source for eye doctors, most of the OptiPets and OptiNoses are not sold individually. You must purchase a set of six or 12.


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