Radiate Skateboard

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What It Is

The Radiate Skateboard is a high-quality skateboard with many professional features, such as great construction, high-performance wheels, and advanced aluminum trucks. But when you flip the switch, the skateboard lights up. The integrated LED system can't be damaged even with hard usage, and it uses a rechargeable cell phone battery. An A/C power adapter is included for recharging the battery, and the skateboard also comes with a tool for changing and adjusting wheels. The Radiate Skateboard is available in 10 different color combinations.

Is It Fun?

All the professional features make the Radiate Skateboard a superior skateboard, but the addition of lights makes it a fun skateboard. If you're ready to add a little showbiz to your skateboarding, the Radiate Skateboard may be just the thing for you.

Who It’s For

The Radiate Skateboard is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Be sure to wear protective gear when riding the Radiate Skateboard.

The skateboard comes with a charger and a tool for changing and adjusting wheels.