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What It Is

The latest shooter from Marshmallow Fun is 1/3 the size of the company's regular shooters. The SS Popper is a six-inch single-firing marshmallow shooter. Even though it is small, it still can fire marshmallows up to 30 feet away. Load one mini marshmallow into the front barrel, pump the front grip five to seven times, then pull the trigger and watch the marshmallow fly. It is available in the classic red/blue (which retails for $9.95) or in camouflage (which retails for $10.95).

Is It Fun?

The SS Popper is a great mini version of Marshmallow Fun Company's marshmallow shooters. Kids will like that this compact shooter is easy to use and has a lot of marshmallow-launching power.

Parents often tell kids not to play with their food, but the SS Popper makes it so much fun to play with marshmallows that even parents will want to get in on the sweet action. The SS Popper is a great twist on classic water and foam dart blasters.

Who It’s For

The SS Popper is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Make sure you push the marshmallow all the way into the barrel or it won't fire.

Mini marshmallows are sold separately.

Do not aim the marshmallows at eyes or faces. Marshmallow Fun Company advises you to not eat the marshmallows after you shoot them. We advise you to clean up carefully if you use these indoors, as mini marshmallows turn hard pretty quickly.

To wash the SS Popper, use a swab or paper towel with warm water to clean the inside of the barrel. Make sure not to scratch the inside surface. Let the SS Popper dry completely before reloading to keep the marshmallows from swelling and clogging the SS Popper.