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  • 2 AA batteries required
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What It Is

The Duo Plink is a game console designed to work with your iPad that interacts with a variety of game apps. The Duo Plink sits on top of the iPad when playing the games. There are two colored dots (green and purple) on the top, and it's motorized so the top of the unit turns and drops tokens into the chamber on the bottom. This is a consistent function in each game used for scoring.

There are currently four game apps for Duo Plink that can be downloaded from the App Store, including Yoomi, Smithsonian Artifact or Fiction, Highlights Memory Mix-Up, and What On Earth? (Some of the game apps are free, while others cost $1.99.) When you start each game, you will be prompted to place the control unit on the iPad and follow the directions in each app for how to play the games. The games are all guessing games in which players make a selection or give an answer by putting a token on top of the unit, selecting either the green or purple answer. When the correct answer is revealed, the top rotates and the token from the player who gave the correct answer drops into the chamber. In all of the games, the first person to run out of tokens is the winner.

The game comes with a Duo Plink device, 42 tokens, and an instruction guide. The Duo Plink is for two to six players or teams.

Is It Fun?

Kids already love playing games on mom or dad's iPad, and the Duo Plink turns the iPad into a social, family game time device. The unit works as it's designed to, and any limitations are related to the games. We found that the games tended to be repetitive and the novelty of using the guessing mechanism wears off pretty soon. It's still kind of cool, but you'll have to decide if it adds enough fun to make the cost of the unit worth it. Hopefully there will be better and more diverse games coming in the future.

Who It’s For

The Duo Plink is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Once you play through the questions that come with the free games, you have to make an in-app purchase to get more content.

The Duo Plink device requires two AA batteries, which are not included.

An iPad is sold separately.