Color Freedom Handbag

from Wooky Entertainment


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What It Is

Color Freedom handbags, from Wooky Entertainment's Style Me Up! brand, lets girls color handbags any way they want. The Color Freedom Handbags are available in two styles: a rock 'n' roll-themed bag with blue trim and a flower-patterned bag with green trim. (Each is sold separately.) Each zip-top handbag comes with two Color Freedom permanent fabric markers. Girls use the markers to color in the white portions of the black-and-white designs printed on the handbag.

Is It Fun?

The Color Freedom Handbag offers engaging, creative play for girls. They'll love the cool designs on the bags and being able to color in the designs however they want. Plus the handbags actually hold things, so girls can bring their bag and important belongings with them wherever they go.

Who It’s For

The Color Freedom Handbag is for ages 8—12.

What To Be Aware Of

Only use Color Freedom markers on the handbag. If the markers come in contact with skin, wash the skin immediately with soap and water. Be careful not to get the marker ink on other clothes or fabrics or it may stain.

Extra fabric markers in different colors are sold separately.