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What It Is

What It Is

My Keepon has generated a lot of publicity recently because it is based on Keepon Pro, a research robot used to study social development and autism in children. My Keepon is a less expensive version of the research robot made for the home by Wow! Stuff. The yellow robot, which kind of looks like two yellow tennis balls stacked on top of each other, responds to touch and sound. There are an array of touch sensors underneath the robot's soft, rubbery skin, allowing My Keepon to respond to poking, patting, squeezing, or tickling by looking and moving around and making expressive sounds. My Keepon also moves to music. A microphone in the robot's nose allows it to hear any music you play or the rhythms you make yourself, such as clapping. My Keepon listens for the tempo of the music and matches the beat, dancing to any style of music from slow ballads to high-energy pop music.

Why It’s Fun

This is a highly interactive robot that some kids and even adults will enjoy playing with. Kids will like poking the robot to see its reactions and watching it dance to their favorite songs.

Who It’s For

My Keepon is for ages 6 and up.

What to Be Aware of

My Keepon requires eight AA batteries that are not included.

My Keepon is available at Toys "R" Us stores and

A portion of every My Keepon purchase will be used to expand the Keepon Pro family of research robots, which will be distributed to researchers and practitioners investigating the use of robots in autism therapy.