Playmobil Take Along School

from Playmobil


  • Advent Calendar Fire Rescue Operation with Card Game
  • Advent Calendar Christmas Room with Illuminating Tree
  • Summer Fun Luxury Yacht
  • Star Flyer Foam Glider
  • Playmobil Coast Guard Station with Lighthouse
  • Summer Fun Flying Swings
  • Summer Fun Children's Train
  • City Action Rescue Boat with Water Hose
  • Spinning Spaceship Ride
  • Take Along Horse Stable


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

What's effective with the Playmobil Take Along School in this area is that in addition to pretend play, kids also get more comfortable with their school environment by role-playing. Pretend play is important, especially for kids with poor social skills. They can use this set for many things: act out social situations, prepare for classroom activities and just to learn how to think and play imaginatively.