80 piece Maxi Blocks

from MEGA Bloks


  • Call of Duty Nuketown II
  • Jeep 3-in-1 Ride-On
  • World of Warcraft Flying Machine
  • Power Rangers Super Samurai Battle Pack II
  • First Builders Build n Learn Table
  • Hello Kitty Schoolhouse
  • Skylanders Giants Troll Mech Ambush
  • Skylanders Giants Sky Turret Defense
  • Skylanders Giants Arkeyan Copter Attack
  • First Builders Funny Animals


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Kids of any ability need to develop their fine motor skills; these are used to make intricate movements with the hand such as grasping or writing. Stacking blocks is a great activity to help kids develop and strengthen these skills. I've found that the size of the MEGA Bloks help immensely. The large size coupled with the rounded edges of the connectors makes the blocks easy to stack. All kids love feeling successful, and these blocks provide a sense of accomplishment while playing and building vital skills.