Falcon Knights’ Castle

from Playmobil

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Product Information

  • Falcon Knights’ Castle from Playmobil
  • We recommend this product for ages 4 and up

What It Is

What It Is

The Falcon Knights' Castle is part of Playmobil's Knights-themed line of toys. This is a 222-piece set for kids to build. The castle comes with lots of action, including a drawbridge, a breakout wall, a drop-down ladder, and a trap door. The set also includes four Falcon Knights, a horse, a functional cannon, and other accessories. It is compatible with other toys in the Knights line.

Why It’s Fun

The Falcon Knights' Castle features a lot of great detail and activity that really add to the play value for kids. All of the moving pieces and accessories help bring the castle to life and inspire lots of imaginative medieval play.

Who It’s For

The Falcon Knights' Castle is for ages 4—10.

What to Be Aware of

Younger kids may need help putting the castle together. The wall pieces easily snap together, but they just as easily can come apart. This is fine if you want to open up the playset for a larger playing space or to make moving the castle from one room to another easier, but it can be frustrating to younger kids who want the castle to stay together during play.


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