Orbeez Perfume Magic

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What It Is

What It Is

Orbeez are tiny, hard pellets that grow into soft and squishy colorful balls when you place them in water. There are several different ways to use Orbeez, one of which is the Perfume Magic kit. With this kit, kids can add scent to the Orbeez. The kit comes with two scents: strawberry and green apple. The first step is to fill the jar with water and pour in three to four packets of Orbeez. Close the lid and stir, then allow the Orbeez to grow for at least three to four hours or overnight. When the Orbeez are fully grown, drain the water into a sink, remove the lid, and pour five to six droplets of perfume into the jar. You can add a single fragrance or combine. Reattach the lid and stir to blend the perfume. Add more perfume if desired. The jar can be used as a room fragrance. Just leave the Orbeez in the jar and add more droplets of perfume for a stronger fragrance. You can also use the scented Orbeez as a body fragrance. Fill one of the two sachets with scented Orbeez and close. Then dab the sachet on your body to apply perfume. Perfume Magic comes with 1,500 Orbeez in five colors, two perfume bottles, two sachets, a perfume maker jar, and an activity booklet with instructions.

Why It’s Fun

This is a fun activity for girls who are interested in perfume. Girls will like the unique look and bright colors of the Orbeez and creating their own perfume.

Who It’s For

The Perfume Magic kit is for ages 5 and up.

What to Be Aware of

The colorful Orbeez may look like candy to younger children, so make sure to keep these out of reach of kids under 5.

The Perfume Magic kit may get a little messy because it uses water and the Orbeez are wet and slippery, so make sure you play in an area where it's okay to get wet.

Do not apply the scented Orbeez around the eyes and keep away from the lip area.