SpudBob SquarePants

from Hasbro


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What It Is

What It Is

Mr. Potato Head has come a long way in nearly 60 years. Hasbro has created a complete line of humorous, novelty stylings for the identity-shifting spud, all with humorous names and an appeal that goes far beyond the core preschool age of the original. Mr. Potato Head takes on the role of SpongeBob Square Pants as, not surprisingly, SpudBob SquarePants, based on the now-classic Nickelodeon character. SpudBob comes with SpongeBob's yellow nose, a pair of eyes, a pair of legs with shoes, a pair of square pants, two arms, a mouth, a sponge head, and a potato body.

Why It’s Fun

Whether playing with and putting together SpudBob SquarePants or displaying this cute and collectible Potato Head character, kids will have fun building and creating wacky-looking versions of a favorite character.

Who It’s For

SpudBob SquarePants is for ages 2 and up, but this is also a great item for adult collectors.

What to Be Aware of

Because of the large size of some of the pieces, not everything will store inside the potato body.