Animal Planet Air Swimmers Clown Fish

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty

  • 3 AAA & 1 9V battery required
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What It Is

What It Is

The Animal Planet Air Swimmers Clown Fish is a new take on R/C play. This is a helium balloon that is more than four feet long. Once you get it assembled, you fly it through the air, controlling it using the remote control, and it moves like it's swimming. There is a ballast on the bottom of the balloon that can be controlled by the remote to move the fish up or down and two directional controls that move the fish's tail.

Why It’s Fun

The movements of the Clown Fish balloon really do mimic those of real fish in water—once you get the hang of controlling the balloon. There's a bit of a learning curve with this toy as you familiarize yourself with the different controls and get the fish flying. But this is a spectacular product once you get it going. This is a dramatic toy that kids are going to have a great deal of fun flying around the house.

Who It’s For

The Air Swimmers Clown Fish is for ages 8 and up.

What to Be Aware of

It took us a couple of hours to put this together. Follow the directions carefully. You'll need a helium tank to inflate the fish. An Air Swimmers Helium Tank is sold separately and retails for about $20.

You're going to need a lot of space to fly this. Do not take it outside.

The Air Swimmers Clown Fish takes three AAA and one nine-volt battery, which are included.