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What It Is

What It Is

PathWords is a game that combines Tetris and Word Search. It comes with eight colored Tetris-like puzzle pieces, a plastic game grid, and a challenge booklet with 40 challenge cards ranging from beginner to expert. The object of the game is to place the puzzle pieces onto the selected challenge so that the letters under each piece spell a word. To begin, chose a challenge from the booklet and slide it into the game grid. The challenge tells you what puzzle pieces you'll need. Find words that fit into the shapes. Words are read forward or backward, and letters are not scrambled. When gameplay is done, the puzzle pieces store inside the game grid.

Why It’s Fun

PathWords is a game that utilizes your critical-thinking and problem-solving skills along with vocabulary. Starting with the beginner challenges, players can gradually work their way up to the expert challenges. Even with the beginner challenges, you really have to put your mind to work. You'll get the hang of the game quickly, though. PathWords is a great way to get kids solving challenges and having fun, and the game is also a great brain exerciser for adults.

Who It’s For

PathWords is for ages 12 and up. The game will appeal to people who enjoy word games and puzzles.

What to Be Aware of

PathWords is for one player, but you could work together in teams to solve the puzzles.


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