Top Agents Secret Agent Headquarters with Alarm System

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  • Top Agents Secret Agent Headquarters with Alarm System


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  • 2 AAA batteries required
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What It Is

What It Is

Playmobil's new Top Agents line includes a variety of playsets that let kids imagine high-speed chases, dangerous secret weapons, and victory for the good guys. The toys are aimed at older boys (7 and up), and some feature technical equipment that lets boys more realistically play out the role of top agents with the figures and playsets.

One of the main sets in the Top Agents line is the Secret Agent Headquarters with Alarm System. From the outside it looks like a harmless home, but open it up to reveal an LED map screen, secret passage, trap door, hidden side door and the motion sensor alarm system. Once the alarm system is switched on, it gives off a signal to warn of intruders. This lets everyone know that the Secret Agent Headquarters is under surveillance, and kids can also use the alarm to protect their own rooms against "intruders". The set comes with three vehicle and five figures, including a double agent with a changeable face.

Why It’s Fun

The Secret Agent Headquarters with Alarm System features lots of great detail and activity. Kids will like the real-working alarm, whether they are using it in play or using it to guard their rooms. This playset, as with the entire Top Agents line, engages kids in open-ended, pretend play.

Who It’s For

The Secret Agent Headquarters with Alarm System is for kids ages 7 and up who like to build and play secret agent.

What to Be Aware of

Although it looks simple to build, it actually takes a lot of time. Give yourself between 1.5 and two hours to put the Secret Agent Headquarters set together, and remember that building is part of the play.