Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Jewel Sparkles

from MGA Entertainment

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Product Information

What It Is

What It Is

The Lalaloopsy dolls have gotten a new look—bendable, plastic hair. Silly Hair Jewel Sparkles has long, bendable strands of plastic hair for girls to style and decorate. Add beads to the hair, straighten it, curl it, or twist it. The doll comes with a styling brush, four clips, six hair beads, and a poster. Also included is a pet cat figure that has a long and bendable tail for styling.

Why It’s Fun

The original Lalaloopsy dolls, 13-inch plastic dolls with a look inspired by classic rag dolls, had molded plastic hair. But with the introduction of new Silly Hair dolls, girls can engage in hair play with Lalaloopsy characters, adding to the nurturing and friend play they already get with these dolls. This is a great play extension for a popular toy line.

Who It’s For

Silly Hair Jewel Sparkles is for ages 4 and up. Because the hair is very bendable and holds its shape, it's very easy for little girls to style it. Also it's sized well for small hands to manipulate it and get silly and fun results.

What to Be Aware of

Silly Hair Crumbs Sugar Cookie is also available and sold separately.


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