Torx Ninja Darts

from Wild Planet


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What It Is

What It Is

Torx is a new line of action games geared toward boys from Wild Planet. Each Torx game is designed to focus on aim, energy, strategy, and skill. One of the first games in the line is Ninja Darts. This is a moving target with six sticky-sided, disc-shaped darts. Attach the dartboard, which has pictures of ninjas on it, to a doorframe and give it a push to set it in motion. Back up, flick the darts at the target and see what sticks. There are three games to play: Ninja Darts, which is a classic dart game of throwing darts at the board to see who scores the most points; Monkey Ninja, where players push the board to set it in motion and then try to hit the darts on the moving target; and Head Case, which adds the rule that if your dart lands on a ninja's head, you get one re-throw. Ninja Darts comes with a dartboard and six darts.

Why It’s Fun

Ninja Darts is a fun, new take on the classic game of darts. Kids can play Ninja Darts on their own or get social with friends. They can even make up new games and rules as they play. And because the darts are disc-shaped, you don't have to worry about any accidental holes in the wall.

Who It’s For

Torx Ninja Darts is for ages 8 and up. While the Torx line is geared toward boys, we think boys and girls—and even adults—will enjoy playing Ninja Darts.

What to Be Aware of

The dartboard may not fit on all doorframes.