Torx Turbo Freeze Tag

from Wild Planet


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What It Is

What It Is

Torx is a new line of action games geared toward boys from Wild Planet. Each Torx game is designed to focus on aim, energy, strategy, and skill. One of the first games in this new line is Turbo Freeze Tag. It comes with one six-sided foam ball and six different-colored rubber wrist cuffs. The gameplay combines the classic games of freeze tag and dodge ball. Each player gets one of the wrist cuffs, then one player throws the ball into the air. When the ball lands, if the color facing up matches the color of your wrist cuff, run to grab the ball, while everyone else runs away. Once you've grabbed the ball, yell "Freeze!" and everyone has to stop where they are. Then throw the ball at another player. If the ball hits them and they don't catch it (Remember, they can't move.), then you get their wrist cuff. If they catch the ball, they get your wrist cuff. The first player to capture all the wrist cuffs wins.

Why It’s Fun

This game offers classic, active gameplay that gets kids moving and having fun. It has a great combination of luck, skill, and competition that will appeal to kids of a variety of ages.

Who It’s For

Torx Turbo Freeze Tag is for ages 8 and up. This is great classic fun that boys and girls—and even adults—will enjoy. One of the nice things about this game is that kids of different ages will be able to play together.

What to Be Aware of

Even though the ball is made of soft foam, don't aim it at people's faces.