Doctor Dreadful Stomach Churner

from Spin Master


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What It Is

What It Is

Spin Master is reintroducing the line of Doctor Dreadful toys that lets kids create gross things that they can eat. With the Stomach Churner set, kids make 30 disgusting treats, including Belly Brew Cola. Mix the two belly mixes in the two connected test tubes. Squeeze the heart pump and watch as the pressure mixes the two concoctions and push them into the stomach. When the stomach overflows, it dumps into a cup that looks like a foamy mess but tastes great. The Stomach Churner comes with a stomach and stand, two test tubes with stands and caps, a heart pump and piping, a measuring scoop/stir stick, an eyedropper, a measuring cup, and three pouches of "food."

Why It’s Fun

It may sound disgusting but that's the whole point. This is great and silly fun. Kids will love grossing out their parents, so mom and dad should be prepared to play along for maximum "dreadful" impact.

Who It’s For

The Stomach Churner set is for ages 5 and up.

What to Be Aware of

This can get messy so set it up in a place where a little mess won't be a problem. And make sure to clean up everything with very warm water after you play. The pieces are not dishwasher safe. You'll have best results in clean-up if you don't let the pieces sit too long after play is done.

Most of the mixes are merely powdered candy activated by water. Parents who are concerned about kids eating too much sugar should, of course, monitor consumption, but the portions are small.