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What It Is

What It Is

Back to school means new books, notebooks, and lunchboxes, and also fun stationery accessories. Kachooz are a new line of collectible pencil top critters with crazy hair that add levels of style and fun to any school activity, such as reading, writing, and 'rithmetic. Each Kachooz figure is unique. The backstory is that Kachooz are very small and live under our feet, traveling in groups called Moops. Kids can place these small creatures on top of pencils, then frizz and style the Kachooz hair by twisting the pencil. Each Kachooz also has a small hook on top so they can be attached to a backpack.

Why It’s Fun

Kachooz are simple items that really engage kids. Kids will enjoy playing with the hair and generally just fiddling with the Kachooz. These are ideal for collecting—with a price that makes them easy to collect—and trading.

Who It’s For

Kachooz are for ages 3 and up. These will mostly appeal to grade school or middle school girls who want to add character to their pencils.

What to Be Aware of

You don't get many girls products designed for trading like this, so we think Kachooz are a unique item with just the right amount of cuteness and whimsy to make them popular with girls.

Parents (or more probably grandparents) will remember Trolls, and the hair on the Kachooz is very similar to those.