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  • Joe Name It from Gamewright
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What It Is

What It Is

Can you name a movie with two sequels? How about a music group with three members? Joe Name It is a fast-paced party game that tests your numbers knowledge. On each player's turn, they draw a card from the box. Any Joe cards mean that everyone can play. Roll the numbered die and then read the card aloud, filling in the blank with the number rolled. For example, "Name an album title with the number __4__." The first player to correctly name something that fits the criteria keeps the card. If you draw a Just Joe card, only you can answer the card. The same rules apply as with Any Joe cards—roll the die and fill in the blank with the number, then try to answer correctly. If you do, you keep the card. The first player to collect 10 cards wins the game.

Joe Name It comes with 200 cards and one die. It is for two or more players, but we think it's more fun with four or more.

Why It’s Fun

Joe Name It is a simple and fun party game. There's no strategy involved. Just think fast and speak fast to get the correct answer in and win the cards.

Who It’s For

Joe Name It is for ages 12 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Because this game relies on players' knowledge, there are going to be some players who just know more African capitals, marsupials, or movie robots than other players. However, there are enough cards in this game that there's sure to be a question for everyone.


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