Banzai Aqua Tech Transmorpher

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What It Is

What It Is

Kids can customize their water battles with the Banzai Aqua Tech Transmorpher. This water blaster comes with four parts that can be put together in various ways to create up to 11 different blasters. It starts with the central unit, a pump-action blaster that shoots a triple stream of water. Add the scope for precision targeting. Add the long-range blasting barrel to shoot a single stream of water up to 25 feet. Then add the rifle stock for stable long-range power. There are many more configurations for kids to make their own customized water blaster.

Why It’s Fun

The Aqua Tech Transmorpher is a great way for kids to power up their next water battle. This is a good blaster with a lot of versatility, which means there's a lot of imaginative play built in.

Who It’s For

The Banzai Aqua Tech Transmorpher is for ages 5 and up.

What to Be Aware of

The tank is kind of small for prolonged action, and the first one we opened didn't really work correctly. If that ever happens to you, take the item back to the store.

We also found that the gun leaked a bit while we were playing with it, but that's not terrible, and getting wet is what playing with water blasters is all about. Remember, this is an outdoor toy.