Knot, Smile & Cuddle

from Alex Toys


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What It Is

What It Is

The Knot, Smile & Cuddle craft kit from Alex Toys lets kids make a soft, smiley blanket with sleeves. (A version of the popular Snuggie sold on infomercials.) The kit includes a pre-sewn, super soft fleece blanket with smiley faces on it and 42 fleece strips. Simply tie the tabs on the two sides of the sleeves together to close them off. Kids can tie as many or as few knots as they wish to have the sleeves as open or closed as they like. Then use the fleece strips to create a fringe border. Once finished, slip on the blanket to stay warm.

Why It’s Fun

This kit is a great idea for kids starting out with or interested in fabric crafts. The whole blanket-making process is really easy for kids because the fleece stretches as kids tie knots. The design on this blanket is very eye-popping and kid-oriented. And the blanket, when completed, does its job—keeping kids warm.

Who It’s For

Knot, Smile & Cuddle is for ages 6 and up. The blanket is a child's size.

What to Be Aware of

If your child is old enough to tie a knot, then he or she can make this blanket.