LEGO City Space Shuttle

from LEGO


Product Information

  • LEGO City Space Shuttle from LEGO
  • Part of the LEGO City brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 5 and up

What It Is

What It Is

With the LEGO City Space Shuttle, kids can "launch" an astronaut mini figure into space. Designed with the help of NASA, this realistic space shuttle model features real moving parts, such as open/close cargo bay doors and a moving arm to release the Hubble Telescope into orbit around the Earth. The LEGO City Space Shuttle set also features the Modular Build Easy Start system. When you open the box, the 231 pieces are divided into two different sub-models, which makes it easier for kids to put the space shuttle together.

Why It’s Fun

Kids are fascinated by space, and space has always been fertile ground for inspiring imaginative play. The LEGO City Space Shuttle offers kids a realistic model of the vehicle that has come to define the contemporary space experience. This is a really great-looking and sturdy model that doubles as an engaging toy. The LEGO City Space Shuttle encourages lots of excitement and imagination, especially as kids hear about real space shuttle Endeavour on its final voyage.

Who It’s For

LEGO City Space Shuttle is for ages 5 and up. The Modular Build Easy Start system makes this set suitable for younger kids who have the fine motor dexterity to work with traditional LEGO pieces.

What to Be Aware of

There are several other space-themed building sets in the LEGO City line, each sold separately. Collect them all to create your own LEGO version of NASA.


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