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  • We recommend this product for ages 8 and up

What It Is

What It Is

Find It is an interactive game where players try to find objects that are hidden among thousands of small plastic pieces in a transparent tube. On your turn, twist the tube, shake it up, and spin it to find an object. If you find something, mark it off of your checklist. The main goal is to be the first player to find the hidden penny. There are a variety of Find It games, such as On a Hunt, At the Beach, Sports, At the Zoo, and Bird Watch, each with its own themed hidden objects.

Why It’s Fun

Find It is a great game to keep kids occupied in the car or in waiting rooms, but it's also a lot of fun for the family to play together around the dining room table. The game changes every time you play, so you might find a hidden object during one game that you hadn't found before.

Who It’s For

Find It is for ages 8 and up.

What to Be Aware of

There is also a deluxe version of Find It that retails for about $32. Deluxe Find It comes with 70 hidden items, a deck of cards, a spinner, a timer, a check pad, and instructions for multiple ways to play.

This game is intriguing, and we found people had a hard time putting it down. You can easily get into the challenge of looking for stuff in the ever-changing tube.


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