Sidewalk Tattoos

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Product Information

  • Sidewalk Tattoos from Crayola
  • We recommend this product for ages 6 and up

What It Is

What It Is

Sidewalk Tattoos are ready-made line art images that kids can transfer onto sidewalks and driveways to create images they can color and decorate. Each package comes with four tattoos, five pieces of sidewalk chalk, and a special rubbing tool. Choose the tattoo you want to use and remove it from its protective sheet. Place it face down on the ground. Hold it firmly with one hand and rub over the tattoo using the rubbing tool to transfer the image onto the sidewalk. Peel up the sheet and color in the tattoo with the chalk. The Sidewalk Tattoos easily spray away with water. There are different Sidewalk Tattoo packs to choose from, including spring and forest animals. Each Sidewalk Tattoo is nine inches by 14 inches.

Why It’s Fun

Sidewalk Tattoos let kids create big art outdoors. Kids will like this new and simple way to create detailed sidewalk art.

Who It’s For

Sidewalk Tattoos are for ages 6 and up. The different themed packs ensure there is something for boys and girls.

What to Be Aware of

Sidewalk Tattoos are not reusable.

The smoother the surface, the more effectively the image will transfer. It may be difficult for some kids to apply enough pressure to get the image to transfer easily, so some adult participation may be helpful.


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