Jelly Belly Scented Bubbles

from Little Kids, Inc.


Product Information

What It Is

What It Is

Little Kids' Jelly Belly Scented Bubbles collection includes Giant Bubble Wands, Scented Bubble Solution, and Squeeze 'n Blow Pop-up Bubbles.

The Giant Bubble Wands make lots of huge bubbles. A five-ounce bottle of scented bubble solution is included. The Giant Bubble Wand sets come in three scents: very cherry, grape jelly, and top banana.

There are three scents of the Jelly Belly Scented Bubble Solution: green apple, grape jelly, and very cherry. Each 16-ounce bottle of solution comes with a bubble wand. The solution is no-stain, no-dye, and nontoxic.

The Squeeze 'n Blow Pop-Up Bubbles are simple for young kids to use. Just squeeze the bottle and the wand pops up loaded with bubble solution and ready for bubble blowing. There are three scent sets: top banana, grape jelly, and very cherry. Each set includes a wand and 4.8 ounces of scented bubble solution.

Why It’s Fun

If you like Jelly Belly jellybeans, you'll like these bubble toys that capture the vibrant colors kids associate with Jelly Belly. These bubbles smell great and add a fun twist to traditional bubble play. Kids (and the whole family, really) will enjoy getting outside to blow some bubbles.

Who It’s For

Jelly Belly Scented Bubbles toys are for ages 3 and up.

What to Be Aware of

We recommend only playing with bubbles outdoors.

The bubbles are not edible.


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