Color & Cuddle Washable Bunny

from Alex Toys


Product Information

  • Color & Cuddle Washable Bunny from Alex Toys
  • We recommend this product for ages 3 and up

What It Is

What It Is

The Color & Cuddle Washable Bunny lets kids color and decorate their own stuffed bunny. Color in the shapes on the bunny's dress and ears or make your own doodles on the bunny's face, arms and legs. The bunny is machine washable so kids can color over and over again. The bunny comes with a removable dress and four washable markers. There is also a Color & Cuddle Washable Pony, which is sold separately.

Why It’s Fun

The Color & Cuddle Washable Bunny gives kids a new way to express themselves by customizing an adorable friend. They can color all over the bunny, then wash it to have a blank canvas and start all over again. The bunny is really soft, too, which is great for kids who are into cuddling with their stuffed animals. This is a cute and creative addition to any Easter basket.

Who It’s For

Kids ages 3 and up will love decorating this cute bunny. We think the bunny, in its dress with bright pink collar and pink ear bow, is geared more toward girls.

What to Be Aware of

Make sure to follow the easy washing instructions as directed on the back of the package.

The washable markers are only to be used on the Color & Cuddle Washable Bunny, as they may stain other materials.


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