Micro Terrariums

from DuneCraft


  • Rainforest Cloud Garden
  • Light Cube Super LED Mini-Meadow
  • Light Cube Super LED Cactus Garden
  • Everbearing Strawberry Hydro-Dome
  • Water Marbles
  • Rainforest Biosphere


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What It Is

What It Is

DuneCraft's Micro Terrariums are egg-shaped flower planters. Kids can easily grow plants right inside the terrarium. Simply take off the top and place the soil disk into the base of the planter. Follow the watering instructions on the back of the package,and put the top back on. Place the terrarium where it will get plenty of light, and within one to two weeks, the flowers will start to grow. Each Micro Terrarium kit comes with seeds, premium sprouting mixture, and the egg-shaped terrarium.

Why It’s Fun

Kids are fascinated by growing things, and they really like that they are able to grow their own plants—and watch them several times a day, most likely. The Micro Terrariums don't require a lot of care—just the initial watering process and sunlight—making it easy for kids to use. Since many Easter celebrations include celebrations of spring, these make cute gifts to include in Easter baskets.

Who It’s For

Micro Terrariums are for ages 4 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Parents may want to help younger kids plant the flower seeds.