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What It Is

What It Is

Gomu are collectible erasers in fun shapes. Kids can swap with friends and mix and match to create unique characters. The goal behind Gomu is to rack up Gomu points while trying to find the ultra rare Gomu key erasers. Each eraser has a different Gomu point value that lets you know how rare the eraser is. The higher the point value, the more rare the eraser is. The online Gomu collector tool gives information on every eraser so kids know just what their collection is worth. (Visit Gomu.com to access the collector tool.) There are 10 different themes ranging from school to ocean to gadgets, and there are 100 erasers to collect with more coming soon.

Gomu are sold in single packs, three-packs, and six-packs. The six-packs include two secret erasers, and the three-packs include one secret eraser.

Why It’s Fun

Not only are Gomu erasers fun, but they are also functional—they really do work as erasers. Best of all, there are Gomu for everyone. Boys and girls alike will find Gomu themes that appeal to them. Another cool thing about Gomu is that you can play with them. The lipstick Gomu has a removable top for pretend makeup play. The highlighter Gomu has a removable cap so kids can pretend to highlight something. Kids can swap out the lipstick and highlighter colors, as well as swap out the pieces on every Gomu, which adds a level of creativity to the collecting.

Who It’s For

Gomu erasers are for ages 6 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Playsets and accessories for the Gomu erasers are sold separately.

The point system doesn't allow kids to redeem points for prizes or anything like that. The points essentially just give kids bragging rights over their friends. Chances are, kids will be much more interested in collecting the erasers, trading them and having a "cool" school accessory rather than tracking a somewhat complicated point system.