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What It Is

What It Is

Imaginiff is the party game where players find out what their friends and family really think of them. In this game, players must answer wacky questions about the other players, such as "Imagine if Player 1 were a hot dog condiment. Which would he/she be?" Players are given options and must pick the one they think is best. If the majority of players picked option 5, then that option is the winner and everyone who picked it moves ahead on the game board. Aside from this Choices card category, there is also Everybody. These cards ask questions, such as "Imagine if we were all in an interrogation room. Which one of us would be the bad cop?" The Versus cards ask a different type of question: "Imagine if Player 1 and Player 2 were both movies. Who would be a romantic comedy?" As with the Choices cards, majority still rules with Everybody and Versus cards. Imaginiff comes with 264 cards divided into three categories, 64 voting cards, one Imaginiff pen, a game board, eight movers, one die, one question mark token, a cloth eraser, and instructions. The game is for three to eight players.

Why It’s Fun

Imaginiff is a game that gets you thinking about friends and family in super silly ways. It's always funny to see how players voted and then hear their reasoning behind the votes, especially when the question was about you.

Who It’s For

Imaginiff is a party game for ages 14 and up.

What to Be Aware of

This is a game best played with people you know. It's hard to vote on answers when you don't really know the players that well.

The Imaginiff pen may stain fabrics and other surfaces. Avoid contact with carpet, clothing, walls, and furniture.