I Can Play Sports Golf

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What It Is

What It Is

Fisher-Price's sports line I Can Play Sports introduces young kids to a variety of sports through realistic toys designed just for them—taking into account their developing physical and cognitive abilities. New in the I Can Play Sports line is Drop 'n Drive Golf. Little kids can practice their putting using the driver or the putter and three golf balls. Line up the golf ball and try to get it in the hole—a great way to explore spatial relationships and develop visual acuity. The top of the golf cart features a plastic flag that kids can pull up, and with a simple push of a lever, the golf balls pop out of the cart. The cart stores the balls and clubs when playtime is finished. There is also an easy set-up tee that lets kids tee off just like in the real game. No batteries are required.

Why It’s Fun

This is a fun and easy way to introduce kids to the game of golf. It can help kids with hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. It also helps little kids feel big, as they engage in activity they see bigger kids and adults do in a way that's appropriate for them. Will it turn them into golf fanatics? No way to know, but it may be a great way to instill a love for active play early on. This is a great basic toy that parents will appreciate because it will get kids moving and having fun. (And what dad who loves to golf doesn't want to get his kids hooked on the game as soon as possible?)

Who It’s For

The I Can Play Sports line is designed for children 18 months and up.

What to Be Aware of

This isn't a toy that will teach your child the rules of golf and how to be the next Phil Mickelson. It's more mini golf than PGA Championship. As mentioned above, it introduces kids to the game of golf and can help with motor development.