Reptile Hunter Super Throw Net

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What It Is

What It Is

With the Reptile Hunter Super Throw Net, kids can go out in the wild and catch reptiles, such as lizards and frogs. Once you've found your creature, stand to the side and toss the net like a flying disc to capture the creature. Then scoop it up like it's in a sack for scientific observation. The net's weighted rope frame allows the net to expand when thrown, then conform to the contours of the terrain wherever it lands. The net has a diameter of three feet and it works wet or dry. It also folds up to a small size for easy storage.

The net comes with a Pop-Up Field Guide that shows kids how to use the net and handle the caught reptile. The guide also tells kids about the different reptiles they can catch — snakes are a no-no, but certain frogs, lizards, and turtles are safe. A collectible iron-on reptile badge is also included for kids to wear.

Why It’s Fun

For kids who like to explore the great outdoors, this is a fun and functional tool for them to use. It allows kids to get up close and personal with reptiles in an easy way. You don't have to use the net to catch reptiles, though. Let's be real: This net is also going to be used to catch younger siblings and in all kinds of creative play either indoors or outdoors.

Who It’s For

This net is definitely for kids who aren't afraid of touching lizards and frogs and who are interested in science and the world around them. The recommended age is 5 and up, but we think kids 8 and up will really get the most out of the net.

What to Be Aware of

As we said before, this net is not for going out and catching snakes. It's important to set ground rules about what is appropriate to catch (refer to the Pop-Up Field Guide) and where it is appropriate to observe the catch. Most parents probably don't want their kids bringing lizards and frogs inside the house, so be sure to make that an outdoor activity.