Hot Wheels Deluxe Attack Pack Vehicle Set

from Mattel


Product Information

  • Hot Wheels Deluxe Attack Pack Vehicle Set from Mattel
  • Part of the Hot Wheels brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 4 and up

What It Is

What It Is

This is an extension of the Hot Wheels Custom Motors line that lets kids transform vehicles from street-ready to combat-ready in just a few easy snaps. The Hot Wheels Deluxe Attack Pack Vehicle Set comes with one car that can be turned into three different cars: combat truck, special ops chopper, or attack submarine. Simply pop off the old wheels and pop on new ones. There are a total of 35 interchangeable accessories, including helicopter wings and new doors. The pieces snap to the base of the car and snapping them on is really easy for kids to do. There are other sets (sold separately) that are interchangeable with the Deluxe Attack Pack, so kids can collect them all and mix and match for customized cars.

Why It’s Fun

The Deluxe Attack Pack is part of the Hot Wheels Custom Motors line, so customization is key to the play. There are instructions on how to transform the main car into the three other vehicles, but kids can also get creative and use their imaginations to build totally new vehicles.

Who It’s For

Kids who enjoy taking things apart and putting them together will really enjoy this. They'll like the ability to customize and be creative and have cool cars to play with when the assembly is done.

What to Be Aware of

The illustrated instructions on building the different vehicles are easy to follow but if you want to be able to change parts quickly, make sure to keep them within easy reach.

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