Matchbox Mission Headquarters

from Mattel


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

What It Is

This portable, expandable airbase playset comes with an airplane, airplane hangar, rotating radar, and jetway. The playset expands by simply pulling on the side and, once expanded, the jetway changes direction and there is more space to store other planes. There are special clips on the playset for attaching Matchbox Sky Busters aircraft. Once attached, the planes don't fall off the playset. This is great for portability — kids just fold down the sides of the playset, grab the carry handle, and take the playset with attached airplanes on the go.

Why It’s Fun

This is simple and great pretend play for kids. There's a lot for kids to do with this playset (minus batteries), and parents will like its easy storage and portability.

Who It’s For

This will appeal to boys who like planes and cars, and it's designed to create simple open-ended play, making it perfect for the target age range of 3-5.

What to Be Aware of

Mission Headquarters is part of Matchbox's Sky Busters line, so Sky Busters aircraft are specially designed to attach to the playset. Other Matchbox vehicles are not compatible.