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What It Is

What It Is

The Cool Colors collection from CitiBlocs is a basic wooden block set that is a lot of fun. Because each block is the same size and shape, kids use their imaginations to stack the blocks as high as they want or build whatever they want. There is no glue, snaps, or batteries required—just pure imagination (and gravity). And the colored blocks—blue, green, turquoise, dark green, and natural—make these blocks look really cool. The set comes with a building guidebook to spark creativity and help kids build some really cool stuff. There are 200 pieces in this set, but 50-piece and 100-piece sets are also available at lower prices.

Why It’s Fun

CitiBlocs' slogan is "build anything," and kids really can with the Cool Colors collection. Whether stacking the blocks to see how high they can go without falling or building a flowing waterfall and trees, these blocks foster open-ended, creative play.

The blocks feel great to play with, and rather than being limiting, the consistent size of the blocks and their balance is endlessly intriguing as players discover the different effects they can create by simply stacking them.

Who It’s For

The recommended age group for Cool Colors is 3 and up. Younger kids will be able to stack and build basic structures with the blocks, and as kids get older, they'll enjoy building more complex structures.

Older people will find these intriguing—and a bit addictive—to play with as well. This is an excellent toy for co-playing among kids of different ages or for parents with kids.

What to Be Aware of

We know the price seems a little steep for a set of blocks, but there is a reason behind that. CitiBlocs products are made in an environmentally friendly way. Each block comes from precision-cut pine that is sourced from sustainably managed forests. For the colored blocks, CitiBlocs uses certified water-based stains, which the pine naturally absorbs. Each stain color is tested and verified to be lead-free.

This is what we often consider an "investment toy." Over time the toy will more than pay for itself in hours of play—and the ability to pass it on.