The Magic School Bus Solar Energy to the Rescue

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  • The Magic School Bus Solar Energy to the Rescue
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What It Is

What It Is

Inspired by the book series from Scholastic, The Magic School Bus Solar Energy to the Rescue kit is filled with materials that kids can use to perform science experiments. The colorfully illustrated guidebook, featuring the characters from The Magic School Bus series, offers more than 10 experiments designed to help kids learn about solar energy, plant life, carbon dioxide, and more. Some of the experiments include making a fan spin and melting ice. All of these are related back to the larger world, so kids can understand, for example, how melting ice in a cup replicates climate conditions that are melting the polar ice caps. Most of what kids need for the experiments is included in the kit, and the other needed items can be found around the house—tape, water, baking soda.

Why It’s Fun

Kids are fascinated by the world around them, and science kits like this one are great for helping kids discover their world. Giving kids a hands-on approach to science helps them see just how fun it can be. The experiments are simple but enlightening, and they are pretty foolproof, meaning that they will get the desired results.

Who It’s For

If you have a young scientist (ages 5 and up) in your home, then he or she will really like this kit. It can also be a fun way to get science-phobic kids interested in the subject.

What to Be Aware of

Working through all the experiments in the book will take 2-3 hours, plus there's lots of interesting information in the book as well. Frankly, the book is as important to the entire experience as the stuff in the box, which is a good thing.

To enhance the play and learning experience, kids can go to the Young Scientists Club website, click on "Clubhouse" and find a variety of links related to the set that they have been playing with.

For safety reasons, it is recommended by the manufacturer that all experiments be performed under adult supervision.