WWE Rumblers Blast & Bash Battle Ring

from Mattel


  • WWE Ultimate Entrance Stage
  • Create a WWE Superstar Triple H Gladiator Set
  • Create a WWE Superstar Kane Rocker Set
  • Create a WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio Lucha Set
  • WWE Double Attack Big Show
  • WWE Double Attack Daniel Bryan
  • WWE Double Attack John Cena
  • WWE Double Attack Ryback
  • WWE Double Attack Total Control Takedown
  • WWE Super Strikers John Cena


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What It Is

What It Is

Live out WWE action with the WWE Rumblers Blast & Bash Battle Ring playset. This playset is part of the new Rumblers collection of miniature figures, accessories, and playsets that allows kids to create their own action-packed WWE storylines and recreate favorite matches. And there will be a lot of action with this playset. Kids can use their Rumblers figures (sold separately) to stage and create tag team matches or head-to-head battles. The ring works with all Rumblers accessories, and kids can even add a separate steel cage (sold separately) to the top of the playset for further customized action. John Cena and Sheamus Rumblers figures and a chair and breakable table come with the playset.

Why It’s Fun

As we said before, this playset is designed for action. There is an included stand that connects to any of the ring's posts. Kids can place a figure on the stand to launch that figure into the ring. Maybe John Cena will land on Sheamus. Or maybe he'll land on the table, breaking it in half. (The pieces snap back together.) Within the ring there are four colored circles (two red and two blue), each attached to a paddle on the outside of the ring. Place a figure on one of the circles, press down on the paddle, and watch the figure fly through the ring.

Who It’s For

Boys will really enjoy this playset, especially boys with an interest in wrestling and the WWE. The ring is very similar to real-life wrestling rings, which fans will appreciate.

What to Be Aware of

There is minimal assembly required. The elastic ropes around the ring have to be put on and smaller children might need the assistance of mom or dad for this.