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Product Information

  • Squinkie Doos Salon & Spa from Blip Toys
  • Part of the Squinkies brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 4 and up

What It Is

What It Is

First introduced last year, Squinkies are soft and squishy characters that come in a surprise toy bubble, sort of like the capsule vending machines you see in the grocery. This year, the Squinkies, which were a huge hit for holiday 2010, are getting a makeover. The new Squinkie Doos have colorful hair (They might remind some parents—or grandparents—of Troll doll hair). Engage in hairplay fun with the Squinkie Doos Salon & Spa playset, which comes with two Squinkie Doos, a brush, a play blowdryer, and two coins. Make the Squinkie Doos stylish by placing one under the hairdryer and another in the haircut chair. The gumball-shaped playset holds up to eight Squinkie Doos in their toy bubbles and kids can insert the coins, turn the dial, and watch a Squinkie Doo pop out.

Why It’s Fun

These squishy characters—kittens, dogs, frogs, pigs—are so cute and tiny that kids just love collecting them. The surprise element ("which Squinkies will I get?") only adds to the fun. With the new Squinkie Doos version, kids have even more options for creating their very own Squinkies world.

Who It’s For

Just like the original Squinkies, Squinkie Doos are geared toward little girls who like collecting and hairplay. Squinkie Doos is a fun extension of this girl-oriented collectible play pattern.

What to Be Aware of

Squinkie Doos and accessories are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Because of their size, they are not for children under three years. While they are very cute, it can be difficult to style the hair other than to brush it. For children who haven't yet developed fine motor skills, it can be a little frustrating, so simple play styling will probably be the most satisfying way for kids to play with these.

The recommended age is 4 and up.


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