InterAction Figures

from Learning Curve


  • All Aboard the Dinosaur Train
  • Dinosaur Train Walk & Stomp Arnie Argentinosaurus
  • Dinosaur Train Arctic Adventure Motorized Train Set
  • InterAction Roar ’N React Boris Tyrannosaurus Ultimate T-Rex
  • Dinosaur Train Hatchers
  • Dinosaur Train Dino Poop


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What It Is

Combining dinosaur and vehicle play with innovative technology, Learning Curve's Dinosaur Train line features exciting and innovative products that provide a variety of opportunities for imaginative play. Interactive dinosaur action figures, collectible dinosaurs, plush toys, puzzles, and electronic learning aids bring the characters from the animated TV show to life and allow kids to embark on their own dinosaur-themed adventures.

Action and InterAction collide for the ultimate dinosaur play experience! Packed with one-of-a-kind dinosaur features, these fully articulated action figure friends of the InterAction Roar 'N React Boris Tyrannosaurus Ultimate T-Rex (sold separately) include a minimum of 40 real dinosaur sounds, facts, and character phrases. With their multiple activation touch points, each InterAction Figure has a special dinosaur feature, such as stomping or chomping. In addition, the InterAction Figures have built-in technology that allows them to recognize and interact with the other InterAction Figures in the Dinosaur Train line.