Zhu Zhu Princess

from Cepia, LLC


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  • Zhu Zhu Princess Magical Crystal Ballroom
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What It Is

Zhu Zhu Pets, the electronic hamsters that took the world by storm in 2009, are back with a new girl-themed Zhu Zhu line. Zhu Zhu Princess comes to life in the Castle of Zhu as Prince Dashington and Princess Snowcup dance together in the royal ballroom. There are outfits for every royal character, including a dragon.

The Zhu Zhu Princess world is "magically" powered by the hamsters themselves. Simply pet the hamsters' backs and the pets will swirl, twirl, and "dance" through the castle and ballroom. Listen to the prince try to win the princess' heart with his charming hamster coos. When the clock turns midnight and it's time for the magic to end, simply pat each hamster on the head or back to place them into a sound slumber.

Zhu Zhu Princess characters currently include Princess Snowcup and Prince Dashington. A variety of accessories (each sold separately) enhance the magical and imaginative play. The Zhu Zhu Princess Castle is the center of the Zhu Zhu Princess world. The prince and princess always arrive in style in their Princess Carriage. The Magical Crystal Ballroom is where all the dancing happens. And Enchanted Hamster Outfits ensure that each Zhu Zhu is dressed to impress a royal crowd, from a princess or fair maiden to a loyal footman or mighty guard—or even an evil dragon.

The "Zhu-niverse" just keeps expanding and this latest addition to the line is sure to please little girls. They'll love dressing up their hamsters as members of a royal court. And the addition of technology, with the hamsters "dancing" on their own, really adds to the imaginative play.