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What It Is

Kimochis are toys with feelings inside. In Japanese, "kimochi" means "feeling." Feelings can be messy, but that's where Kimochis come in. Using these cute plush toys, kids can get in touch with their own emotions in a fun and comfortable way. When kids can communicate their feelings, they cultivate confidence and character.

There are five Kimochis characters: Cloud, Huggs, Bug, Lovey Dove, and Cat. Each character has its own personality as well as a variety of feelings. Kids and parents can interact with each personality and feeling by visiting the website ( and reading the suggested roleplay scenarios that help kids practice good communication skills.

Each character comes as a 13-inch tall stuffed toy that includes a How to Feel Guide and three stuffed feelings characters. Mini Kimochis are six-inch versions of the five main characters. These come with a Kimochi comic book and a feeling keychain. There are also four different Mixed Feelings Packs. Each pack comes with five plush characters representing a different feeling and one is blank so kids can make their own feeling. A washable pen is included and everything fits inside a clear pouch.

Kimochis' goal is to also provide communication tools to parents, teachers, and kids to enable everyone to be better communicators and to express their feelings.