Tonka Strong Arm Vehicles

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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

For more than 60 years the Tonka brand has been a staple among truck-loving boys. The new Tonka Strong Arm vehicles expand on the Tonka tradition by offering boys a variety of vehicles with different features and accessories, but with the same classic Tonka styling that parents and grandparents will recognize.

The Strong Arm Garbage Truck and Fire Engine (sold separately) are big, burly, free-wheeling vehicles with a multi-action trigger-lever built right in. This trigger-lever makes the Strong Arm vehicles battery-free. All kids need to do to hear sounds and see lights is pull the lever. Pull and rev up the lever to watch the sparks fly in the window as the fire engine's air siren wails. Squeeze the lever's trigger to raise the fire engine's ladder and dump the garbage dumpster in the rear of the garbage truck. These sturdy, kid-powered vehicles are easy to grasp for little hands with big imaginations.

Classic play is what you'll get from this vehicle. It's a basic Tonka truck, built to stand up to a lot of play. (Tonka trucks are made of plastic these days, but they're still as sturdy as they ever were, designed for active kids with equally active imaginations.) The new bells and whistles add a level of excitement to the play, but a child's imagination and pretend play are still what do the "heavy work" with these outstanding, classic toys.