Freaky Pets

from Abandon Interactive Entertainment



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Cute and cuddly one minute, then cranky the next. Hmmm. That may sound like some people you know, but we're talking toys—Freaky Pets, to be exact.

Freaky Pets are two-in-one reversible stuffed toys. Inspired by the many emotions everyone has, these transformable creatures can be reversed to display their alter egos. One side of the pet is its cute side, but turn the pet inside out to see its cranky side. The creators of Freaky Pets, Abandon Interactive Entertainment, hope that these dual-personality toys will give children and parents a safe outlet to explore their feelings through play. It's easy for kids to transform the pets, almost like turning a sock inside out.

The initial lineup of Freaky Pets characters include Puff Puff, Penga, Bullog, Monket, Gweek, Walloc, Turtoe, Dinork, Warto, and Orkal. Each Freaky Pet purchase includes one-year access to the Freaky Pets virtual world ( and comes with a unique, one-time-use-only code that unlocks a virtual Freaky Pet online. Kids will love seeing their dual-personality friends come to life online as highly detailed 3D characters. Once online, kids can adopt and bond with their pets through teaching them tricks and customizing them with cool accessories. After training their pet, kids can take their pet to Pet Town to compete against other players in mini games and win in-game currency, show off their latest tricks, and socialize in a safe online environment. (The site is COPPA compliant for kids under 13.)

The Freaky Pets collection combines the timeless fun of collecting stuffed animals with age-appropriate and entertaining online content. Freaky Pets are available exclusively at Hallmark Gold Crown stores nationwide.