I Spy Quest

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  • I Spy Ready to Read Game


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What It Is

Find the matches. Do your best. Solve the riddles. That is your quest. Based on the Scholastic book series, the new I Spy Quest brings the fun of search-and-find to a board game. The object of I Spy Quest is to find the matching picture pairs in the 16 game variations. Place the reveal sheet inside the game tray. Slip a picture board under the reveal sheet. (The game tray also serves as storage for the picture boards.) Place the tokens over the holes in the game tray and then slide out the reveal sheet. The first player removes two tokens and says what has been revealed. All other players pay close attention so they can remember where items are on the board. If you make a match, take the tokens, place them next to you, and take another turn. If you don't make a match, place the tokens back over the holes. When all of the matches have been found, players add up the tokens they collected. The person with the most tokens wins.

But the game doesn't end there. Each of the 16 Quest games has a rhyming riddle to solve. They are color-coded and numbered on the back of the reveal sheet. After finishing the picture-matching "Quest", read and solve the riddles. Solving the riddles is not essential to gameplay, however. The game packaging says, "No reading required", so young children can still participate in the matching aspect of the game.

I Spy Quest keeps kids' minds sharp and helps develop and reinforce important pre-reading skills as players read and answer the riddles. The game is also a fun way to promote visual interpretation, memory and matching, problem-solving through the riddles, and the social skill of taking turns. I Spy Quest comes with two double-sided picture boards, a reveal sheet with riddles, 36 tokens, and a game tray. It is for one or more players.